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Panhellenic Self Care Handbook

For the month of May, the Panhellenic community came together to create a digital self care handbook the includes tips from several of our sisters in support of Mental Health Awareness Month. Of the adult population, mental illness affects 19$ while it affects 46% of teenagers and 13% of children each year. Several individuals are affected by mental health struggles and difficulties all around you as it causes a disturbance in thinking, behaviour, energy or emotion that makes it hard to cope with regular demands in our daily life. The stigma against mental illness is still prominent due to media stereotypes and lack of education therefore is it important for us to raise awareness for mental health. Special thanks to our VP of Programming, Sasha Kerr, designing and putting together this handbook for everyone. I hope the tips and tricks within the Panhellenic Self-Care Handbook can be of use and help with maintaining self care for yourself, friends and others who would like to read it.

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