The University of Toronto Panhellenic Association consists of six executive officers and one voting delegate from each of the seven National Panhellenic Conference sororities on campus. The executive council holds biweekly meetings with the sorority delegates to disseminate information and discuss happenings within specific chapters, as well as in the Greek community as a whole. 

The Panhellenic Council promotes excellence in academics, community involvement, and sisterhood. All chapters include a wide range of personalities and passions, and every sisterhood holds specific values. We encourage you to learn more about each chapter by visiting their profiles!



Grace Karbonik


The Panhellenic President acts as the official representative of the Panhellenic council. She oversees all of the executive council, presides over all Panhellenic meetings, and is the liaison between the Panhellenic and University community. As President, Grace serves as the chairperson of the presidents’ round table, is an active member of the recruitment committee and serves as the Panhellenic Council Election Commissioner. She works closely with every executive member on the council to ensure they all receive the support they need to complete tasks.

Kathryn Cheng



The Vice President of Operations is responsible for all administrative tasks of the Panhellenic Council. She in charge of booking rooms around campus for events, organizing the Panhellenic calendar, and keeping an up-to-date member list. Kathryn works closely with every position on the executive team, acting as the main contact between U of T Sororities and UTSU, as well as performing the duties of the President in case of her absence.


Hana ElHaddad


The Vice President of Recruitment is responsible for directing all membership and recruitment activities within the Panhellenic community. Hana assesses the results of previous recruitments and makes beneficial additions to the recruitment plans from previous years. She holds educational and informative workshops for chapter recruitment chairs and recruitment counselors. VP of Recruitment is responsible for answering all emails sent in by potential new members and making sure the Panhellenic community is present on the University campus by attending orientation and other PR events.

Krishna Mansukhani


The Vice President of Finance works closely with each executive member to create a budget that suits the council best. Krishna maintains this budget during the year and is responsible for keeping up with the Panhellenic Councils banking. She handles reimbursements and chapter payments.

Sasha Kerr 


The Vice President of Programming is responsible for the Panhellenic events in the Greek Community. During the year she works with the Inter-fraternity council to plan Greek Week. Additionally Sasha plans multiple fun events for the Panhellenic community such as awards night, self-defense classes and academic activities. 

Kathy Tran


The Vice President of Communications is responsible for the upkeep of the Panhellenic Councils social media. Kathy stays up to date on multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this website. She works closely with the President, Vice President of Recruitment and Vice President of Programming to come up with a calendar for posts before big events.

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