Despite poor media portrayals, sororities emphasize the importance of academic achievement, and one of the big advantages of being part of a sorority is the academic and personal support available to you.

At a large university, like U of T, it can be difficult to find a sense of unity and belonging. Joining a sorority can make the student body seem less daunting and make it easier to find like-minded individuals.

Your sorority will present numerous opportunities to be a leader. Sororities are organized and run in the same way as a business with a hierarchical structure that includes various positions. All of these include transferable skills that can boost your resume.

Philanthropy and community service are valuable parts of sorority life. Each of the U of T's sororities adopt a charity to support and hold multiple philanthropic events each year to help raise awareness and funds for. 

Even the most brilliant people might need a career leg up sometime. When you join a sorority you become part of a huge and very widespread network. Access to this network may open doors in the future.

Everyone leaves university with plenty of memories, but as a sister you will have some unique experiences compared to others. Like that special moment when you meet your “Big Sister” or those crazy, competitive Greek Week events. Your sisterhood memories will be moments you never forget!


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